Electrodyn's Family of Products

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Provides car and hall illumination for Otis controllers.

Reduces door closing torque and provides an adjustable time cutout function for existing electric eye and door detector systems.

Hibernates lights & fans when elevator is not in use.

Provides door & gate monitoring for NYC required safety protocol.

Audible signaling for ADA-required functionality.

Adds lantern logic and passing signal (visual & audible) to existing control systems.

Replaces obsolete or unserviceable stepper units in older elevators.

Adds Fire Fighter Service Phase I & II to elevators that lack functionality.

Governs and controls the return of elevator cars in an emergency situation.

Adds rope brake control to elevators that lack functionality.

Adds earthquake management in the case of a seismic event.

Adds car top inspection functionality between the control box and the system controller.

Electronic door restrictor that keeps passengers safe in the case of a power loss or breakdown.

Prevents elevator from descending into flood water during a storm or flood event.

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