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Intelligent liquid detection prevention system

Electrodyn’s Liquid Intrusion Detection system is a damage prevention system that offers intelligent management of elevators in the case of any liquid intrusion in the elevator pit. Its versatile design allows for installation on virtually any microprocessor or relay logic controller.

The Liquid Intrusion Detection system goes beyond simple alerting because it takes preventative action to physically move an elevator if liquid is detected in the pit. It provides peace-of-mind for building and property managers that want to protect their elevator system investment.

Avoid Repair Expenses
Liquid intrusion can happen for any number of reasons – from oil leaks to storm surges. When liquid damages the elevator system, this can cost tens- or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to repair. The expense may rest on the building owner if the liquid event is an Act of God or if the building does not carry the appropriate insurance coverage. Liquid Intrusion Detection can reduce or even prevent repair expenses due to liquid damage by automatically moving the elevator to a safe landing.

Reduce Damage Occurrences
The best way to prevent damage is to avoid damage areas. With the Liquid Intrusion Detection, you can have peace-of-mind that action will be taken if a liquid event should occur.

Minimize Risk
Elevator professionals provide valuable solutions to their clients. The Liquid Intrusion Detection system provides an easy-to-implement solution for clients who want to minimize risk and preserve their elevator assets.

Intelligent Service Management

When a liquid intrusion event occurs, an elevator that remains in operation may accidentally become damaged. With the Liquid Intrusion Detection system, this will not happen because the elevator is automatically disabled until a repair crew can arrive. When the elevator reaches its assigned “safe landing” the doors open to allow passengers to safely exit and the elevator is placed into Independent Service.

Fast Detection
The Liquid Intrusion Detection system includes a pit (float) switch that can be mounted from 1”-3” above the pit floor. If liquid initiates the pit (float) switch it will create an immediate detection response.

Automatic Action
Once the pit (float) switch is initiated, an immediate signal is sent to the controller to move the elevator to a pre-designated “safe landing.” This allows the elevator to quickly move away from the liquid event. The appropriate “safe landing” designation is determined by the installer at the time of installation.

Works with Virtually All Controller Types
As with all of Electrodyn products, the Liquid Intrusion Detection system is designed to work with virtually all elevator controllers – from microprocessors to relay logic – regardless of age.

Customizable Settings
Because Electrodyn understands that virtually every installation is unique installers have the flexibility to choose a manual or automatic system reset. This provides complete freedom with determining how the service is managed after the liquid intrusion event.

Easy Installation
It’s easy to install the Liquid Intrusion Detection system. Simply mount the pit switch and connect it to the pit switch interface unit. Then mount the LID controller interface in the machine room. Using four (4) wires or less, installers can connect the pit switch interface to the machine room controller interface .

Installation/Wiring diagrams are always included and, of course, installers receive 100% installation support.

Controller Interface:

· Size: 8.0” W x 8.0” H x 4” D

· Voltage: 24v-240v AC/DC

Pit Switch Interface:

· Size: 6.0”x6.0”x3.0”

· Voltage: 110v-240v AC /DC

Pit Switch:

· Size: 4.0”x2.0”x2.0”

· Voltage Level at Sensor: Fused 12 VDC

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