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Provides Door & Gate Monitoring to any elevator control system.

Monidor is a code compliant door and gate monitoring system that provides elevator passenger safety. Door and gate contacts are monitored and if the contacts are malfunctioning the system will hold the elevator at the landing, thus preventing unanticipated elevator movement while doors are open. 

The Monidor is in complete compliance with ASME A17.3 and NYC Building Code requirements. It is the only monitoring device that is universal and can be used on both processor and relay logic systems.

Ensures Safety

Designed with redundancy checking, no relay fail will go unnoticed. Door and gate contacts are monitored for shorts and grounds and if a fail occurs, the system will hold the elevator at the landing. Bypass switching with LED notification is another safety feature provided by the MonIdor to ensure passenger safety. The system resets at each landing to reevaluate door and gate switch conditions.

Universal Application

The use of relay logic design ensures controller compatibility and ease of installation. No special tools, software or programming are required to install and operate the MonIdor system. The MonIdor power supply and monitoring section operate in a wide voltage range allowing complete compatibility with both relay logic and microprocessor based elevator control systems.

Code Compliant

In December 2013, the NYC Building Code 3.10.12 (Appendix K3) was amended to provide for a monitoring system to prevent automatic operation of passenger and freight elevators with faulty door contact circuits. The new code addition requires all automatic and freight elevators to monitor the door position and hall door lock and gate switch operation to ensure no ground or short might cause an unsafe condition to exist. The system is modified for Fire Service operation according to code requirements.

• Outputs are provided by relay contacts rated at 10 amps
• Redundant components and redundancy checking assures a reliable system
• LED indicator illuminates when the system is placed on “bypass”
• Strobe light triggers if fail is detected
• Once fail is registered, the system must be manually reset to normal
• MonIdor power supply operates within range of 100v to 250v AC/DC
• Interface monitoring circuits operate within a range of 24v to 250v AC/DC
• PC board is 1/8“ thick with 3oz copper traces and 12,000 volt insulation
• Cabinet dimensions are 18” h x 18” w
• Installation time: 4-6 hours (motor room wiring)

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