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Elevator fan and light hibernation

Electrodyn’s Energy Saver2 is the next generation in energy saving technology. It is designed to manage the “always on” issue with elevator lights and fans. Because an elevator’s downtime is estimated between 12-14 hours per day, the Energy Saver2 simply turns off the elevator’s lights and fans to conserve energy and reduce the building’s carbon footprint on the environment.

The Energy Saver2 is a trouble-free technology that quickly and easily installs in the car operating panel (COP). It saves thousands in energy costs over the life of the elevator and offers a high return on investment (ROI). For buildings that are pursuing energy saving solutions, the Energy Saver2 is the perfect fit.

No Machine Room Wiring
Wiring a new system can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in an installation. Energy Saver2 saves time because it installs in the car operating panel. Because there’s no wiring to the machine room, installation time is greatly reduced.

Installation Diagram Included
Because each product is custom designed for ease-of-installation, you will receive a specific installation diagram to assist you during the installation. Mechanics also have the option of contacting Electrodyn’s support department for assistance.

Reduced Elevator Downtime
We understand that elevator downtime can be frustrating for your customers. With an estimated wiring time of only 4-6 hours, you can be in and out the same day. Your customers are happy and you can have satisfaction because you just saved your customer thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Eight Signal Inputs
The Energy Saver2 was designed with eight (8) inputs to allow for the most robust and flexible installation. The inputs included in the Energy Saver2 are:

· Two demand inputs

· One door zone input

· Front gate input

· Rear gate input

· Fire service input

· Independent input

· Car button active input

Logic Switching Capability
The Energy Saver2 offers “Logic Switching” to monitor input conditions for normally open and normally closed input conditions. The logic switching feature makes installation more flexible once you’re on the job.

Works with any Controller
Because virtually every controller is uniquely engineered, the Energy Saver2 was designed to be installed universally. As a universal solution, it is compatible with all controller systems on the market today.

Passive Infrared Monitoring – an Industry First
The Energy Saver2 is the only energy saver on the market today that uses Passive Infrared (PIR) monitoring.  Passive infrared monitoring physically monitors the presence of passengers in the elevator.  When the PIR monitor senses passenger presence, the lights and fans remain on.

Fail-safe Control in Case of a Breakdown
We understand that sometimes an elevator can break down. If this should happen, then the Energy Saver2 has a fail-safe control that will prevent the lights and fans from turning off until the passengers have safely exited.

Adjustable Shut-off Time
There may be occasions when you need to adjust the shut-off time. Energy Saver2 allows you to adjust the shut-off time using a built-in potentiometer.


· Size: 5.5” W x 8.0” H x 1.5” D

· Power Supply: 12 VDC at 2A Universal

· Power Input: 100v to 250v AC/DC

· Installation Time: 2 to 3 hours

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