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A successful retrofit is always a team effort at Electrodyn. Our experienced personnel will utilize information about your particular system to develop a solid solution and economical option before a quotation is prepared. Next, on engineered products, our designers modify your existing drawings to reflect the revised fire service logic. A regenerated print is returned together with a terminal-by- terminal checklist for ease of installation.
Our technical support and  application team is always available to ensure that your installation meets or exceeds requirements, and our outstanding engineering support is just a free phone call away.



Adds Phase I & II Fire Service to almost any elevator control system.

Our famous Fire Service Retrofit modernizes your elevator system to meet new fire service code requirements. Our PC boards are manufactured in various configurations so that we can easily localize your retrofit to comply with any state and city fire code.


Provides Door & Gate Monitoring to any elevator control system.

Monidor is a code compliant door and gate monitoring system that provides elevator passenger safety. Door and gate contacts are monitored and if the contacts are malfunctioning the system will hold the elevator at the landing, thus preventing unanticipated elevator movement while doors are open. It is the only monitoring device that is universal and can be used on both processor and relay logic systems.


Universal Braking Device Control

In the U.S., ASME A17.1 code requiring elevator systems to incorporate a rope brake was not introduced until 2001 (1996 in Canada). Because of this, controllers installed before 2001 may lack the necessary logic to appropriately manage a rope brake during an unintended motion or up over-speed event. UMDC provides the necessary code-compliant control to properly manage a rope brake and ensure passenger safety. And, it's one-of-a-kind. It is the ONLY after-market retrofit product on the market today that provides unintended motion logic.


Electronic door restrictor that keeps passengers safely inside in the case of a power-loss or breakdown

ElectroLock is designed to fit virtually all door operators, regardless of their age or condition. Because it is a universal technology, it can be operated in virtually any environment.


Intelligent liquid detection prevention system

Liquid intrusion can happen for any number of reasons - from oil leaks to storm surges. When liquid damages the elevator system, this can cost tens- or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to repair. The expense may rest on the building owner if the liquid event is an Act of God or if the building does not carry the appropriate insurance coverage. Liquid Intrusion Detection can reduce or even prevent repair expenses due to liquid damage by automatically moving the elevator to a safe landing.


Elevator fan and light hibernation

Electrodyn's Energy Saver2 is the next generation in energy saving technology. It is designed to manage the "always on" issue with elevator lights and fans. Because an elevator's downtime is estimated between 12-14 hours per day, the Energy Saver2 simply turns off the elevator's lights and fans to conserve energy and reduce the building's carbon footprint on the environment.


Prevents door recycling

Electrodyn's enhanced Model NUD reduces door closing torque and provides an adjustable time cutout function for all existing electric eye and door detector systems. This time cutout is reset when the door fully closes and the output to reopen is interrupted, thus preventing door recycling. The design includes terminals for disabling the system during emergencies, ensuring compatibility with Fire Fighter Service Phase I & II code requirements.


Provides interface between the car top control box and the system controller

Elevator maintenance and repair often requires a technician to operate the controller from the top of the car. This requires an interface between the car top control box and the system controller. Some older elevators lack this feature. Electrodyn’s Car Top Inspection provides an efficient and economical solution to adding external elevator control. The unit also allows a car to be moved upward from the bottom landing to allow pit access.


Governs and controls the return of elevators in an emergency situation

The Emergency Power Lowering System is a revolutionary power system to govern and control systematic return of elevator cars in emergency power situations. With the ability to operate on any available voltage, Model 850 is unmatched in versatility and ease of installation.


Adds lantern logic and passing signal (visual & audible) to existing control system

Car/Hall Lantern Logic provides lantern drive logic to existing elevator control systems in which the lantern features were not provided as original equipment. The unique on-board logic of Model HL757A/B makes a wide range of applications possible.


Audible signaling for ADA-required functionality

The National ADA Code mandates that elevator controllers produce an audible signal to alert passengers in the car and in hallway areas. Electrodyn Models DDPA and DDPB add this functionality to elevator systems that do not possess floor-passing signaling and hallway single- and double-tone signals. Both functions are provided on one board.


Provides car and hall button illumination

Many vintage elevator systems require the addition of in-car and hallway button lighting to comply with the National ADA Code and to enhance passenger interface. Owners of such older elevators have traditionally faced extensive wiring upgrades, significant labor charges and lengthy equipment downtime to accomplish this upgrade.
Electrodyn’s innovative Model CR provides illumination to existing car and hall buttons in elevator control logic systems not originally manufactured with this feature.


Allows the elevator to return to a safe landing or signals a "slam stop" in the event of an earthquake

When elevator owners in earthquake-prone areas need to modernize their elevator systems to meet ASME/ANSI A17.1 earthquake code requirements, they discover that custom-built retrofit solutions tend to be exceedingly complex and labor-intensive. Electrodyn’s Earthquake Unit Model EQ is an efficient and economical alternative.


Replaces obsolete or un-serviceable stepper units in older elevators

Many older elevator systems use vertical selectors to determine car and landing position. These systems are complex and expensive to maintain—if parts can even be sourced.

Electrodyn’s Stepper Unit Replacement Model 722 is a solid upgrade that solves this problem by eliminating the need for vertical selectors. The board sends an electronic pulse to the machine room to indicate car/landing position. This economical retrofit is compatible with all control systems and is also available in a lift-off door cabinet.

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