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Adds Phase I & II Fire Service to almost any elevator control system.

Electrodyn’s Fire Fighter’s Service for both Phase 1 & 2 is a retrofit solution that offers cost savings and complete code compliance. Each system is custom designed for each elevator controller system.

The Fire Fighter’s Service works with all elevator systems, whether antique of modern. With over 35,000 installations across North America, this is the only solution you need to provide fire fighter’s service compliance to your buildings.


Cost Savings

By offering Electrodyn’ Fire fighter’s Service as a solution, you can help buildings save hundreds of thousands of dollars because they no longer need a full modernization to meet elevator code requirements for fire fighter’s service. You provide the solution, your building gains significant cost savings.


Code Compliance

Each product is custom designed for the building’s specific controller system. Because of this, you can help your building clients gain complete code compliance with applicable state and local law, such as the Chicago Addendum and Massachusetts FS90.


Complete Package

The “Red Box” comes complete with a road map for fast relay location, revised wiring diagrams and “pony sheets” for a step by step guide through the installation process. We also provide free technical support.


• 20”W x 31”H x 5”D
• Alphanumerically ordered terminals for fast installation
• All relays are 4-pole with indicator lights and 5amp contacts
• Relays are connected in parallel to controller relays
• Printed 1/8” circuit board with 2oz. Copper traces
• Circuit board protected by 12,000 volt insulation
• PC boards mounted on swing panels in hinged doors
• Installation time: 16-24 hours (motor room wiring)


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