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Electronic door restrictor that keeps passengers safely inside in the case of a power-loss or breakdown

ElectroLock™ is an innovative door locking technology that ensures an elevator door remains locked until it reaches its designated unlocking zone.  It is the only door restrictor that is universal, flawless and 100% code compliant to ensure passenger safety and peace-of-mind. Passengers are kept securely inside in between landing zones in the event of a power-loss or breakdown.

Patented Technologies

The patented system uses two important Electrodyn technologies, the ElectroSensor™ and the MagnaLatch™. The ElectroSensor signals the locking system when the elevator comes into its unlocking zone.  The MagnaLatch is a rock-solid locking mechanism that uses special magnet technology to ensure the lock
remains in place.

Uses RFID Technology

ElectroLock is the only door restrictor that uses RFID technology to ensure door operations run perfectly,
every time. RFID is a proven technology, also used by NASA and Boeing to ensure operational accuracy
and consistency.  


Operates in Heavy Smoke & Dust

ElectroLock’s RFID-based sensor targets operate through virtually any element, including heavy smoke and dust. You never have to worry about cleaning optics or whether an obstruction will restrict ElectroLock’s


Highest Quality Construction & Design

ElectroLock is constructed using only the highest quality materials available today. Because it uses only the best, you have peace-of-mind knowing it will operate flawlessly for many years to come. Its durable engineering design is one of the best features of the ElectroLock door restrictor. It is designed using engineering logic that is proven and made to stand the test of time.

Fits Virtually Any Door Operator

ElectroLock is designed to fit virtually all door operators, regardless of their age or condition.  Because it is a
universal technology, it can be operated in virtually any environment.


Two Actuation Options

Since installation needs vary, ElectroLock has two actuation options: by target, or direct input from a door zone signal. If you don’t have the ability to connect to a door zone signal, it’s no problem. Simply mount a target at each landing.


Utilizes Any Voltage Environment

Many cars have varied power inputs depending on their age and manufacturer. ElectroLock allows you to connect to virtually any available car-top power supply regardless of voltage environment. This simplifies installation, making it even easier. ElectroLock is superior to any other door restrictor available today. It is the only door restrictor that is 100% code compliant with ASME code A17.1.


No Batteries Required

ASME A17.1 requires that a safety device may not depend on a battery for functionality. With ElectroLock, no batteries are required because magnet technology is used. This is a first in door restrictor technology.


Remains in Last Position if Power is Lost

To ensure compliance with A17.1, door restrictors must also remain in their last position in the case of a power loss. ElectroLock surpasses all other door restrictors because it operates exactly as the A17.1 code requires in the event of a power loss.

Positive Action Feature

The ElectroLock Door Restrictor with Positive Action features a confirmation

that the bolt is in locking position. This feature is the only of its kind that is

certified according to A17.7 and International Code EN81.1 requirements.

Using this feature allows the restrictor to function as a car door interlock,

eliminating the need for fascia.


Model A
Installation Method: Landing Targets

Size (inches):
   - Power Supply Box: 12x9.5x5

   - ElectroSensor Target: 18x3.25x0.25

   - MagnaLatch: 7.5x5x2

Power Input: 48v—220v

Installation Time:
Approx. 3hrs.

Model B
Installation Method: Door Zone Connection

Size (inches):
   - Power Supply Box: 12x8x3

   - ElectroSensor Target: 18x3.25x0.25

   - MagnaLatch: 7.5x5x2
Power Input: 48v—220v

Installation Time:
Approx. 2.5hrs.

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