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Universal Braking Device Control

When unintended motion detection is required to control a braking device such as a Rope or Drum Brake on an existing control system, this code compliant (ASME A17.1-2004) retrofit is used as an efficient answer. Meeting all the redundancy requirements of the new code it is compatible with all control systems including microprocessors. This is accomplished by virtue of its unique design and flexibility. 

Model UMDC is only one of Electrodyn's many innovative products to help you bring your elevator system up to present code requirements. Our technical support and application team is always available and our excellent service support is just a free phone call away.


Interfacing the Model UMDC is accomplished through a series of parallel connections to terminals and/or relays on the host controller. The controller voltage is matched simply by using the correct voltage relays since their coils are isolated from the logic relay coils. The dry output contacts used to control the braking device are also isolated and can be used by any voltage. The logic used for the Model UMDC is straight forward and simple providing a reliable detection and control system.

Model UMDC is compatible with all elevator control systems. Through the use of interface relays the UMDC is adaptable to any braking device.
Complete Package

The Model UMDC comes complete with revised wiring diagrams and “pony sheets” for a step by step guide through the installation process. We also provide free technical support. 


• 10.5”H x 13.0”W
• 4 pole relays have LED indicators with a contact rating of 5 amps
• 3 pole relays have neon indicators with a contact rating of 10 amps
• Wire captive terminal strips are used for fast installation
• 1/8” thick PC board is used with 2oz copper traces and 12,000 volt insulation
• System is fused at 2 amps
• Installation time: 4 hours (motor room wiring)

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