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Prevents door recycling

Electrodyn's enhanced Model NUD reduces door closing torque and provides an adjustable time cutout function for all existing electric eye and door detector systems. This time cutout is reset when the door fully closes and the output to reopen is interrupted, thus preventing door recycling.

For DC door motor applications two 10 amp contacts provide reduced speed and torque closing. The same is achieved for AC door motor applications with our unique ACX control piloted by the NUD output. The design includes terminals for disabling the system during emergencies, ensuring compatibility with Fire Fighters Service Phase I & II code requirements.


Depending on the host control system, interface is accomplished by installing either one or two parallel relays and making a parallel connection in the door operator power circuit. In systems equipped with an electric eye or detector failure signal, connection on signal to NUD places the door in reduced speed mode. Model NUD is available in a wide range of voltages, including 24V to 240V, AC or DC, and internal logic allows reduced speed door placement in the event power is interrupted or the onboard fuse blows.

Compatible with AC or DC Motors

Model NUD is compatible with all DC motor applications. With the addition of the ACX control, AC Door Operators can be retrofitted as well.
Complete Package

The Door Detector Override with Nudging Control package comes complete with an installation manual for a step by step guide through the installation process. We also provide free technical support.


Model NUD
• 3.5”H x 7.12”W
• 4 pole logic relays with neon indicator
• Adjustable cutout time
• 3 pole power output relay with 10 amp contact rating
• Input logic fused
• Bar jumpers provide field selectable logic choices
• Installation time: 1 hour

Model ACX
• 3.44”H x 6.5”W
• 4 speed selections available
• Relay returns AC motor to full torque at close check (Otis 7300)
• Installation time: 1.5 hours

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