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Provides car and hall button illumination

Many vintage elevator systems require the addition of in-car and hallway button lighting to comply with the National ADA Code and to enhance passenger interface. Owners of such older elevators have been faced with extensive wiring upgrades, significant labor charges and lengthy equipment downtime to accomplish this upgrade.

Electrodyn’s innovative Model CR provides illumination to existing car and hall buttons in elevator control logic systems not originally manufactured with this feature. When a common signal for the call registration lights is introduced into the hall riser and/or car station, call registration can utilize existing wiring—even for 24VDC fixtures. Model CR is available with a special enclosure to facilitate mounting in close proximity to selector-mounted call relays. Installation time is minimal because the addition of new hatch wiring is unnecessary.


Installation is accomplished with two series connections to each relay. Adaptable to all voltages, a set of parallel connections is made to the primary power source to supply energy to the Model CR. If 24VDC fixtures are used, Model CR provides the source voltage.

Key Features

Compatible with Otis Elevator latch relay call logic and 24VDC fixtures.  Through the use of Model CR you are able to reuse existing input wiring for acknowledgement signals thus reducing installation time.

Complete Package

The Model CR comes complete with revised wiring diagrams and “pony sheets” for a step by step guide through the installation process. We also provide free technical support. 


  • 7.5”H x 12.0” W

  • Retrofit is achieved with 2 series connections to each call relay

  • Logic chips are mounted in bases to provide easy replacement

  • Arc suppressors provide additional contact life

  • 24VDC source voltage for fixtures if required

  • Modular bi-sectional design maximizes efficiency

  • Relay has a 10-amp 280VAC/DC rating

  • Power inputs are fused

  • Installation time: 4 hours

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