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Governs and controls the return of elevators in an emergency situation

The Emergency Power Lowering System is a revolutionary power system to govern and control systematic return of elevator cars in emergency power situations. With the ability to operate on any available voltage, Model 850 is unmatched in versatility and ease of installation.

The Model 850 is compatible with any control system and provides automatic and/or manual return of elevators to a predetermined landing. It allows for automatic and/or manual selection of the car to operate on the emergency power generator. This is only one of Electrodyn’s many innovative products to help you modernize your elevator system.


Installation is accomplished by making up to 17 connections to the host controller. Several of these are used to assess car status, while others are used to alter control logic. Interface between various Model 850 units is accomplished through a series of up to 7 connections. Isolated relays are incorporated for interface and can be supplied to match the controller logic
Fail Safe

All Model 850 units have an onboard fail timer. As each car is selected to lower to the predetermined landing, should a response not be detected within 30 seconds, the car is bypassed in the sequence.

Complete Package

The Emergency Power Lowering System comes complete with revised wiring diagrams and “pony sheets” for a stop by step guide through the installation process. We also provide free technical support.


• 6.5”H x 11.5”W
• 7 connections required between emergency power units
• Isolated interface relays can match controller logic voltage
• Up to 17 connections can be linked to the host controller
• Bypass timer provided
• Installation time: 4 hours (motor room wiring)

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