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Audible signaling for ADA-required functionality

The National ADA Code mandates that elevator controllers produce an audible signal to alert passengers in the car and in hallway areas. Electrodyn’s Double Down Passing Signal retrofit adds this functionality to elevator systems that do not possess floor-passing signaling and hallway single- and double-tone signals. Both functions are provided on one board.

Electrodyn offers two models of pass/pulse control-signal circuit board interfaces and our experienced application team can help you select the best option for your particular upgrade. In either configuration the Double Down Passing Signal product provides double down stroke for lanterns. Model DDPA adds a floor passing signal gleaned from controller logic, while the DDPB utilizes signals from the position indicator. 


Model DDPA utilizes a clear-floor passing signal from the controller whereas Model DDPB monitors the position indicator signal. In either case the resulting pulse drives a tone generator or buzzer mounted in the car station. Lantern interface for the two-stroke pulse feature is made by adding an “interrupt circuit” in series to the down-lantern signal at the controller.


Electrodyn’s Model DDP is compatible with all major elevator control systems. The DDPs are provided with the correct pilot relay type to match the controller voltage, and the units can provide both functions when direct application is prohibited (i.e. microprocessor-based systems).

Complete Package

The Double Down Passing Signal retrofit comes complete with revised wiring diagrams and “pony sheets” for a step by step guide through the installation process. We also provide free technical support.


• 3.44”H x 6.38”W
• Utilizes a clear floor passing signal to trigger a .5 second pulse
• Installation time: 1 hour

• 3.44”H x 11.19”W
• Pilot relays reduce downtime and speed installation
• Monitors the position indicator (incandescent of LED) to trigger a .5 second pulse
• Installation time: 2.5 hours

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