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Adds lantern logic and passing signal (visual & audible) to existing control system

Car/Hall Lantern Logic (Model HL757) provides lantern drive logic to existing elevator control systems in which the lantern features were not provided as original equipment. The unique onboard logic makes a wide range of applications possible. A direction preference circuit is created by the direction of travel or hall-stop priority. The Car/Hall Lantern Logic product differentiates between an up-stop and a down-stop even in cases where the system only provides a single stopping signal. 


Car/Hall Lantern Logic enhances the existing controller by providing advanced lantern drive logic and the addition of a floor passing signal. Interface with the system control unit is achieved by establishing up to 18 parallel connections. Floor selection can also be provided to hall lantern systems. Input to the floor selection system is derived from the Car/Hall Lantern Logic system.


Although compatible with all major control systems, the system control logic section voltage is determined by the user-selected lantern system. When matched with your system’s control voltage, HL757 provides the correct interface relay type. This device is available with mounting hardware and a template, or provided within a separate enclosure.

Complete Package

The HL757 comes complete with revised wiring diagrams and “pony sheets” for a step by step guide through the installation process. We also provide free technical support.


• 7.0”H x 11.0”W
• Pilot relays provide isolation
• Relays are 4-pole with neon indicator lights
• Contacts are rated at 5 amps for durability
• Isolated interface relays can match controller logic voltage
• Car riding lantern terminals are provided for direction connection
• Passing signal in both A & B configurations 
• Installation time: 4 hours

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